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Weightlifting is Fun

Weightlifting training is fun! You are throwing heavy weights around, jumping under moving objects, and testing your own physical and mental strength every rep!  Some of the not so fun things are stretching, ice bath/sauna, meal preparation, winding down to get to sleep early, etc.  These are often viewed as chores or obstacles.  I recently […]

How it Feels is a Lie

I like to use the statement “How it feels is a lie” with SOME of my athletes.  As you could imagine, it can be taken out of context very easy.  So lets break it down: Some days weight feels heavy in your hands or slow, so you talk yourself out of confidently attacking the lift […]

Flipping the Switch

In weightlifting there is a unique switch that must be turned on and off.  Athletes need to be able to go from the slower strength movement of the pull, to the more gymnastic speed component of pulling their body under the bar, then back to the controlled strength of the catch.  Load, unload, load.  Being […]