Progression of a Weightlifter

There are lots of different ways to do this, but I think this sets some pretty good guidelines for the aspiring weightlifter or parent out there.  

  1. Learn the movements at a young age, but do not specialize in them before other sports.
  2. Focus on a variety of exercises, strength qualities, tempos, and different ranges of motion.  Work really hard, but do not compare yourself to others.  People develop at MUCH different rates.  
  3. Play other sports!  
  4. Compete in weightlifting as well as in other sports.  Weightlifters might compete 4-6 times a year, while sports like wrestling will compete 4-6 times a week and soccer once a week.  Competing often will give you the experience to learn how you compete best regardless of the sport.    
  5. Train with other people.  Create or join a community of like minded people who want to get strong!
  6. Start specializing in weightlifting about 4-8 years into training.  This should be about the time you have finished up with traditional organized sports.  You can always go back to other sports.  I believe other high volume sports are imperative to developing enough work capacity to actually get strong.  You can’t replicate that in a gym.
  7. Keep a long term plan of about 8 years or more in mind.  
  8. Use common sense
  9. Did I say to play other sports yet?

What do you agree with or disagree with on this list?