The Physically Prepared Weightlifter eBook

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Downloadable EBOOK 102 pages.  Written in 2017

The sport of Weightlifting is a combination of strength, speed, mobility, and guts. It is often referred to as barbell gymnastics. The snatch demonstrates the power of the athlete. The clean demonstrates the strength. The jerk demonstrates the attention to speed and position. To be a successful weightlifter, you must master all three in training and competition. While technique is of critical importance during these movements, you will hit a plateau very quickly if you’re just not strong enough.

Strength is the limiting factor for most weightlifters. For most people, strength is earned, not given. Even though there’s always that one annoying person that’s just freakishly strong for no reason. But for
the rest of us, we have to spend hours and years in the gym lifting weights. Consistency in lifting weights makes a huge difference, but you also have to work hard. You have to grind through those heavy sets of squats and deadlifts. This work ethic is something that cannot be taught, it has to be experienced. Try surrounding yourself with a bunch of people who all have the goal to win and see if some of that hard work doesn’t rub off on you.

Traditional training for weightlifting does wonders, but it does have a few downfalls. This is where weightlifters have to go outside of their comfort zone and do something else to get strong. This is where weightlifters can learn something from powerlifters. While there are

many aspects that will transfer over in between the two sports, we will be focusing on GPP in this book.


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